• Road Marking Control Device

    Probably the easiest system to use for road marking!
    With high-resolution colour display and the unique RMCD-Drive!

    Available in 12 languages!

  • RMCD-Interface

    Intuitive user guidance with the RMCD-Drive.
    On a high-resolution colour display!

    Full control - RMCD-Drive!

  • RMCD-Drive

    Simplest operator guidance!
    It couldn't be simpler!

    Push - Turn - Press!

  • Förderungen


    Some states offer subsidies
    for digitisation measures!

    Invest in the latest technology!

Welcome to RMCD-Road Marking Control Device!

Our completely new, innovative and revolutionary controller for your road marking machine.

With the RMCD-Road Marking Control Device you get completely new possibilities to optimise and improve your workflow. Your activities will be easier for you!

Use the RMCD drive to change settings on your marking machine very easily and quickly. For example, you can change the line or gap length with centimetre precision even during operation.

Are you tired of monochrome (black and white) screens? With us you get a high-resolution colour display on your machine. With a modern screen design. In combination with RMCD-Drive, you are able to control and read all relevant information on the display.

RMCD-Road Marking Control Device is a product of STRAMAT Vertriebs GmbH.

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Foundation of STRAMAT Vertriebs GmbH

STRAMAT Vertriebs GmbH

STRAMAT Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 2006. The aim was to offer better products for road rehabilitation and road marking.

Cooperation with C.M.C.

C.M.C. Macchine Traccialinee

Start of cooperation with C.M.C marking machines in 2013. This business relationship is characterised by mutual respect and is still extremely successful today. C.M.C gave us the opportunity to market their machines in the European market with much success.

Sale of GRACO products


Cooperation with GRACO from 2015 to 2020. In 2020, the company ended its cooperation with us.

First thought on RMCD

RMCD - Road Marking Control Device

In 2017, the idea came up to develop a new control system for marking machines. All the systems I knew were on black/white screens and mostly operated by touch screens. Smudged displays, boring screen designs, lack of functionality. The thought came to want to do it better.

RMCD development

RMCD - Road Marking Control Device

Development with our partner in the area of programming and installation on a demo machine.

RMCD goes to the starting line

RMCD - Road Marking Control Device

In spring 2021, the RMCD - Road Marking Control Device was launched.

The first machines with RMCD are delivered!

RMCD - Road Marking Control Device

After a great interest at Intertraffic, the first machines and controllers are delivered!


Ideas not yet implemented!


Possible approaches for a solution!


Years of experience development and sales!


Possible machines - Plus yours!