The following advantages result from the use of the RMCD Road Marking Control Device:


  • RMCD-Drive (unique handling)
  • RMCD-Interface (modern, colourful user interface)
  • RMCD-CAN-Bus
  • 5-inch high-resolution colour display
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • All relevant data on one dashboard
  • Line / gap automatic
  • Change of line and gap during marking activity
  • Recording of the work done
  • Service intervals are displayed
  • Available in many languages
  • Customisation of dimensions and units
  • Consistent look and feel of STD, ADV and PRO


In addition to the benefits of RMCD Standard, the Advanced version offers the following advantages:

  • Work with recording
  • No work is forgotten any more
  • Recording of soil temperature, air temperature, humidity
  • Report in the event of any complaints
  • Transmission of recorded data via telematics system
  • Faster accounting of activities (while the crew is still driving off the workplace)
  • Visualisation of the telematics data


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  • RMCD-Drive

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  • RMCD-Interface

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  • RMCD-CAN-Bus

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